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Worldwide re-release of Sandy B's 90's hit single Amajovi Jovi is underway. 
This comes after the deal he signed in August 2016 with Invinsible Sound in Canada. The label requested to licence Sandy B old music he recorded when he was still into Kwaito. The world is still crazy about this 20 years old album.The this timeless single is now available in South Africa for the first time on Cds since back then it was released on vinyls and tapes.
Other good news is, the album will be available on vinyls across the world
before September 2017.


12 Tracks album released in 2015. Sandy B proves to be the best in his style of music.
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It is with greatest pleasure to announce that Durban, South Africa based Kwaito pioneer Sandy B will be hearding to Denmark for Distortion Festival taking place from the end of May 2018. Sandy B's music is picking up on a global scale like wild f